Jessica Ann Fernandez (b. 1984) is a contemporary artist known for her bold paintings. Born in Toronto, Canada, Jessica is a self taught artist who started painting as a child, selling her first painting at 15 years old. Jessica loves to bring joy to her Collectors through her artwork. Jessica works reside in private collections in the United Arab Emirates, England, Canada and the United States. Jessica lives and works in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Follow her process and see her latest works on Instagram at @jessicafernandezart 

Artist Statement 

Jessica’s bold and energetic canvas’s capture the viewers gaze, saturates them with colour and tantalizes them with texture. Jessica’s pieces are a conversation with the viewer, layers of colour, texture and textiles take the viewer on a journey of their choosing. 

Jessica approaches the canvas intuitively, harnessing the emotion of the moment to create and capture energy, light, colour, and feeling, consequently her work is always evolving. Listening to her inner self, drawing out and listening to that inner conversation, acts as a catalyst for her artwork. Examining the human array of emotions through vibrant colour, texture, textiles, neon lighting and other mixed media, Jessica makes human emotion a tangible thing. The texture of her pieces invites the viewer to touch the soft cheese cloth that is a signature of her work. Jessica’s use of cheese cloth is a homage to her youth which was spent growing up in her parents restaurants, watching her mom, a chef, whip up delectable delights for the taste buds.  

The beauty of nature, the unfolding cycles of the seasons, of the plants and flowers around her influence Jessica’s work in sometimes bold, sometimes subtle ways. The most beautiful things in nature are stirring and inspiring and spark that inner dialogue that ignites artistic expression - it’s an ongoing and unfolding cycle. 

Jessica’s work expresses optimism for the future. Using layers of eye-popping colour, shapes, texture and cheese cloth, Jessica invites the viewer to enjoy a few moments of playfulness. Intense electric colours such as Barbie pink, proton purple, neon yellow and lime green saturate her canvases and share space with organic cheesecloth. Sometimes jolting, sometimes soothing, but always pushing optimistically forward. 

Jessica’s studio is a true makerspace, where she collects paint skins, strips of canvas, different tools both conventional and unconventional for making texture and many different objects to create unique shapes. Jessica’s concern for the environment pushes her to reuse and recycle  materials as much as possible. Jessica uses a multitude of mediums like acrylic, pastels, paint markers, spray paint, ink, fine papers, cheese cloth, canvas strips, duct tape and modelling paste to express the emotion of the moment on the canvas which results in bold and expressive works of art.       


2023            Solo Exhibit at Ironwood Cider House NOTL July/August

2022            The Other Art Fair, Virtual Edition

2022            Saatchi Art Featured Artist in Chief Curator Rebecca Wilsons “New This Week” Collection    

2021            Saatchi Art Featured Artist in the Art for Your Zoom Call